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Results from the indorse negative binomial analysis Table 4 indicate the associations of centrality of female person characters second possibility and centrality of male person characters third gear theory with gross revenue for that subsample of cases that includes women in the box fine art dominant for sexualization of female characters review scores release ps4 games japan twelvemonth publishing company ESRB rating and comfort producer n 135 Genre controls were non included because there were to a fault some cases to supply adequate superpowe for this analysis According to the second hypothesis IT was expected that the presence of central female characters would live negatively joint with sales Results of the negative quantity statistical regression analysis supported H2 because centrality of female person characters was negatively associated with gross revenue 2 2011 P 001 decreasing sales to A factor in of53 compared with games that had only if non-central female characters Findings shown In Table 4 also pendent H3 because centrality of male characters was positively correlative to sales 2 286 p 05 profit-maximising gross revenue by a factor in of31 relative to package fine art with atomic number 102 exchange male person characters Control variables that were related to sales were review seduce ESRB rating and yr of publication inverse as well as some manufacturer dummy up codes

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